The Old Smokehouse or the new BBQ grill.
         It's the smoke that makes the flavor and ...
SmokePistol™ makes the smoke!

Thanks for visiting the Official SmokePistol™ website home of the
SmokePistol™ BBQ smoke generator.
The best way to smoky BBQ flavor.

The SmokePistol™ Features:

The SmokePistol

Over 4 hours of smoke on a single cartridge!
Wood cartridges 9 flavors for hot or cold smoking.
Continuous fully adjustable smoke!

The GrillKicker

About 30 minutes of smoke on a cartridge!
Wood cartridges 9 flavors for hot or cold smoking!
Sits on top of any grill or inside any smoker!

The Grillkicker puts smoke on the BBQ grill.

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The SmokePistol
™                    Attach the SmokePistol™ to your smoker
The GrillKicker™                       or grill.  Plug it in.  Light the cartridge
Order here                                 and you have 4 hours of continuous 
Smoked Favorites                      fruitwood smoke for real BBQ flavor.
BBQ recipes                               Great for hot or cold smoking!
BBQ tips                                     Fully controllable smoke output!
True Stories                                Cartridges available in 9 flavors!


                                        Barbeque Smokers Generator

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