The Old Smokehouse or the new BBQ grill.
         It's the smoke that makes the flavor and ...
SmokePistol® makes the smoke!

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You make the fire.    We'll make it smoke.

Cold Smoking Fun

Hot Smoked Favorites

How To Smoke Meat Food

Smoked Cheese
Make real smoked cheese.
You don't even need a smoker.

How To Smoke Meat Food

Apple Smoked Turkey
Here's how to make the real thing. When you make this
you won't go back to the store bought stuff.
Homemade Meat Smokers Smoked Beef Jerky
The best beef jerky you ever had.  You can make it for half the cost of that manufactured junk
with real lean beef.
Homemade Meat Smokers BBQ Smoked Ribs
Real slow cooked BBQ ribs
with a great smoked flavor.  Mouth watering ribs the old fashioned way.

Great food, great fun and unique gifts. Make this fantastic food and more at
home on your own grill or smoker.

Maple Smoked Salmon
The finest fresh smoked salmon made with apple wood smoke.

The SmokePistol

Over 4 hours of smoke on a single cartridge!
Wood cartridges 9 flavors for hot or cold smoking.
Continuous fully adjustable smoke!

The GrillKicker

About 30 minutes of smoke on a cartridge!
Wood cartridges 9 flavors for hot or cold smoking!
Sits on top of any grill or inside any smoker!

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The SmokePistol
                 The BBQ smoke generator that fits
The GrillKicker™
                    onto any BBQ grill or food smoker!
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Smoked Favorites                  
Consistent controllable smoke for 
BBQ recipes                          
up to 4 hours on a single cartridge!
BBQ tips                                 

True Stories                         
Cartridges available in 9 flavors!

See more about the SmokePistol! (click picture)
The SmokePistol makes controllable smoke for great smoked flavor


Just light the cartridge tip, insert into the
and you have continuous
 controllable smoke for up to 4 hours.
See the SmokePistol instructions
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The SmokePistol attaches to any smoker.
Shown here with Brinkman smoker (smoker not included)
Mounting kit available for Masterbuilt smoker

Just $54.95
to make real smoke the easy way.
No messy wood chips, no splinters, no messy ash, no opening the smoker to add chips every few minutes,
...and no more standing by the smoker to make sure it is smoking.
How To Smoke Meat Food

    Starting the SmokePistol video     Video of SmokePistol smoking     Smoker video
Starting the SmokePistol              after 2 hours                     in a smoker

Easy to mount onto any smoker.
(Available in 110V and 220V units)



Real wood cartridges available in 9 flavors. 
Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Alder, Pecan, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Oak and Black Walnut.)

The SmokePistol is easy to mount on any BBQ smoker or grill

Hickory wood is a traditional southern BBQ wood flavorApple wood provides a mild and sweet flavorMesquite wood for a real Texas BBQ flavor

Pecan smoke is a great smoke flavor for any BBQ smoker.Alder wood smoke for your electric smoker or grill.Cherry wood for a stronger smoked flavor

Maple wood smoke for your barbecue smoker, electric smoker or home made smoker.Black walnut smoke for smoked salmon or smoked cheese.Oak wood smoke makes great BBQ ribs or chicken.

Homemade Meat Smokers
Requires only a 1/2" hole for mounting and hang screw.
(SmokePistol™ hanging end plate)

Easy to light cartridges provide up to 4 hours of continuous smoke per cartridge.

New electronic smoke control with smoke "BURST"

  The SmokePistol is available in 2 models  
  Standard and High Heat  
The standard SmokePistol is good
for most hot and cold smoking applications
The standard SmokePistol for hot and cold smoking     The high heat SmokePistol provides lots of smoke for high temperature smoking as well as cold smoking The High Heat SmokePistol is designed
for extremely hot smoking applications
It is the same unit as the standard except
the smoke chamber is remote from the
electronics and connected with an 18" tube.

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