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Apple Smoked Turkey.

This Smoked Turkey recipe uses apple  wood for a great flavor however any of the smoking woods will come out great. 

 one turkey (8 - 12 lbs)
 For Brine
 * 1 gallon water 
 * 1 cup kosher of unionized salt 
 * 1/2 cup sugar 
 * 1 teaspoon black pepper 
 2  apple SmokePistol cartridges

Smoked turkey makes a great meal and better leftovers.
Smoked turkey is easy and makes a great dinner and better leftovers. Just stick with the basics and keep it simple. It will come out great.

The first thing to think about when smoking turkey or turkey breast is food safety. Cooking at the right temperature and brining helps. Also, stick with whole turkeys that weigh 12 pounds or less. A larger turkey remains in the "Danger Zone" - between 40° F and 140° F for too long. Never stuff a turkey for smoking. Smoking takes place at a low temperature and it can take too long for the temperature of the stuffing to reach the required temperature.

Figure on about 20 to 30 minutes per pound of turkey, but use a meat thermometer to be sure your turkey is thoroughly cooked. The turkey is done when the food thermometer, placed in the inner thigh, reaches 180° F (be sure the thermometer is not touching the bone). 

The water you use should be unclorinated. If you don't have easy access to good spring water. Boil it first, let the water cool and then add all other ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Place Turkey in large non-metallic dish and cover completely with brine. Let sit in refrigerator overnight but not more than 10 hours. Remove turkey from brine rinse and dry. 

Preheat smoker to 225 - 250 F get your SmokePistol started smoking and set to low. Place turkey in the smoker and fill water pan for smoker. Cook until done. The turkey is done when the food thermometer, placed in the inner thigh, reaches 180° F (be sure the thermometer is not touching the bone).

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