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Make Your Own Meat Smoker

If you are looking for the perfect solution to creating delicious meat and a traditional barbecue experience of a lifetime look no further because Smoke Pistol has a couple of inventions that will let you use your own grill or smoker no matter what kind it is to make your own meat smoker.

To make your own meat smoker isn’t easy without the right tools and modern grills and smokers just don’t provide the great flavor and smoke that natural wood creates.  Smoke Pistol has created a unique and very affordable invention that provides long lasting smoke and great flavor.  The Grill Kicker is a small smoke generator that comes in three different colors and is very simple to use.  It is a very clean option to creating the smoke you desire.  All you have to do is insert one of the cartridges into the Grill Kicker and light it with a match or lighter and you will be creating the most delicious smoked meat, cheese or even jerky in no time at all.  There are nine different cartridges available and are all non-toxic and a safe smoking solution.
Some of the great tasting smoke flavors include:

  1. Mesquite wood which is similar to hickory and is very popular in the South.

  2. Hickory is one of the if not the best flavor and has a strong flavor that can be used to smoke almost anything.

  3. Get that great restaurant taste with Oak, which is very popular in the restaurant business, but now you can make even better meat than they can!

  4. Looking a wood to smoke your poultry try apple. 

There are a few other great cartridges available and you can read all about them and order your Grill Kicker from

You have just invited all your guests to a BBQ and you need to make the perfect meat smoker but just don’t know how.  The Smoke Pistol is a unique design into which a cartridge in one of the above flavors is inserted to create that smoke you desire.  It is so simple to use all you have to is light the tip of the cartridge insert it into the Smoke Pistol and you will have made your own meat smoker with smoke you can control for up to four hours!  ]

If you don’t know what to make at your barbecue then Smoke Pistol also has great barbecue tips as well as amazing recipes hot and cold that will have your guests all asking how you did it.  Even if you are entering a competition the Smoke Pistol or Grill Kicker is ideal to help you get that number one prize.  With unique recipes available and these great smokers you can be sure your meat will taste amazing every time.  There is even advice on how to make your own meat smoker and many customers have sent feedback on how impressed they are with these innovative designs.

Get your hands on a Smoke Pistol or Grill Kicker now and get and become the BBQ king by visiting now.

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