Cold Smoked Cheese

Want to know how to make smoked gouda or cheddar cheese? Here is the recipe for real smoked cheddar cheese. This smoked cheese is cold smoked for a great smoked flavor.

· Brick of any cheese or do several different cheeses at once
· 1 oak, hickory or maple SmokePistol™ wood cartridges or 2 – 4 GrillKicker™ cartridges
So how do you make real smoked cheese. Smoked cheese is cold smoked. This means that you just put cheese in a box with plenty of smoke but little heat. So how do you make cold smoke? With either the GrillKicker™ or the SmokePistol® of course. Both make lots of smoke with little heat and are perfect for cold smoking cheese, fish and other foods. Smoked cheddar cheese makes a nice snack or a delightful flavor for on top of salads or even apple pie. You can smoke any type of cheese, gouda, mozzarella, pepper jack etc. and it is easy.


The way to make smoked cheddar cheese or any smoked cheese is to cold smoke the cheese. Cold smoking is how to make smoked cheese and is nothing more than smoking food in a smoker without the addition of heat. You don't even need a smoker, just a box and it can even be a cardboard box. Place cheese on the grill of your smoker or on an elevated grill inside the box. Do not use any heat in the smoker it even helps to put some ice inside. Start the SmokePistol or GrillKicker™ supplying smoke into the smoker and watch to make sure that the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees F. This will cause the cheese to melt. Don't let the smoke blow directly onto the cheese just let it fill the box or smoker and surround it. Smoke cheese for at least 2 hours to taste.

Here's how to smoke cheese without a smoker.

This is a simple setup to smoke cheese without a smoker. You just need a cardboard box, a cookie sheet, a couple of cooling racks, a couple of soda cans and a GrillKicker™ with about 2-4 cartridges.

First take 2 or 4 empty soda cans and fill them about 3/4 full of water and freeze. ( This is not necessary but it helps keep the cheese cold while smoking.) Place the cookie sheet on a table in a well ventilated area and put a cooling rack on top of the cookie sheet. Place the GrillKicker™ on top of the cooking rack and put the soda cans on top of this cooling rack as well. Place the second cooling rack on top of the soda cans.


GrillKicker is ready for cold smoking cheese

Cold smoking of cheese like cheddar, gouda, pepper jack etc

Place cheese on top of the top cooling rack. You can smoke several types of cheese at the same time. Now light the GrillKicker™. The picture below shows cheese being cold smoked.

Cover the cheese with a cardboard box and let it smoke. After 1/2 hour start another GrillKicker™ cartridge and let smoke for about 1-2 hours changing cartridges as necessary.

How to cold smoke cheese the easy way in a cardboard box

How to cold smoke cheese the easy way in a cardboard box


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