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There is something spectacular about sitting around a campfire in the evening with you food slowly cooking to a delicious readiness under the starry night sky. Unfortunately, in the rush and bustle of modern life it is not always possible to slip out to a secluded camping site in order to experience the campfire experience and even if you can, camping can be quite a lot of work instead of the relaxation you always hope it will be. There are times when you want to enjoy the magnificent taste of campfire food in the comfort of your own home. Despite all of your modern kitchen appliances, how to smoke food with an authentic campfire taste may still be eluding you.

How would you feel if you could experience the smoking campfire taste without all the trouble of woodchips, ash or having to sleep in a tent? How pleased would you be to know that there is a secret out there that could tell you how to smoke food in a hassle free, neat and efficient way while still giving you a delicious smoked flavor to your food? The great news is that you can fit this smoke generator onto any BBQ grill or food smoker and let it perfect the cooking of your food while you sit back and relax.

Can you imagine being able to make your very own beef jerky at home with the assurance that you are using good quality beef? By making your own smoked foods, you can control the quality of the ingredients to make sure you and your family are eating healthy delicious foods. By owning your own Smoke Pistol or Grill Kicker you can figure out the nuances of how to smoke food to perfection in the comfort of your own home. There is so much potential for experimentation with these fantastic food smokers that you will want to smoke everything you eat. With 9 different flavored cartridges for the Smoke Pistol giving you such enormous taste variety, you will have no reason not to smoke all your food in future.

If your taste buds aren’t already enticed by the thought of deliciously smoked foods then maybe a visit to and their recipe suggestions will be the final push you need to buy your smoke generator immediately. The tips on the website will teach you how to smoke food of every sort. You can smoke anything from sweet potatoes to papaya; from chicken to duck; from fish to beef or lamb and even desserts. The recipes for lemon cake with kiwi sauce, pear strudel and cranberry cake to mention a few will get the stomach rumbling to dash out and try these new exciting recipes yourself. How to smoke food has never been this easy or delicious. There are so many recipes to try, not to mention the nine different smoke cartridges that will can experiment with flavors until your heart is content, not to mention your growling stomach!


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