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A barbecue can bring so many friends together and can either be a success or a little bit of a disaster.  Many people have forgotten how to make their barbecue’s taste great because most of them have decided to go all modern with gas and electric grills which is the easy way out to making a great big fire!  This is fine if you are planning on making a homemade meat smoker that you can use with your modernized appliance but you probably don’t even know how and that is why Smoke Pistol has brought back the traditional way of cooking your meat by creating two great homemade meat smokers.

You can impress all you family and friends with these homemade meat smokers because the great tasting meat they cook will have all your guests asking for recipes.  These homemade meat smokers are great for any type of meat and have been used in cook off competitions as well!  You don’t have to throw your grill away or even spend loads of money modifying it or buying something you don’t need.  All you have to do is get your hands on a one of a kind Smoke Pistol.  This amazing homemade meat smoker is simple and easy to use and will create that great smoked taste that you’ve been looking for.  It can fit onto any grill and can be mounted to any other kind of meat smoker.  The Smoke Pistol only requires a small amount of electricity and a smoke cartridge.  The tip of the smoke cartridge is lit and you will have a homemade meat smoker that will give you smoke for almost four hours which you can control with the handy little switch on the side.  The Smoke Pistol is a must have for any barbecue and is an authentic and affordable solution to homemade meat smokers.

If you do not want something as strong as the Smoke Pistol and just need a more simple yet still effective homemade meat smoker that can also be used on any grill then the Grill Kicker is exactly what you need.  It comes in three different colors and does not work on electricity or batteries!  You just light the cartridge put it inside the Grill Kicker and place it onto your grill and it will give you a perfect amount of smoke for up to half an hour.

Cartridges come are available in nine different flavors for these homemade meat smokers.  Each cartridge has been created differently as it can be used for specific kinds of meat smoking.  For example you might want to smoke some turkey or chicken and therefore the apple-flavored cartridge is perfect.  You can read more about these unique cartridges and their flavors online.

Get your homemade meat smoker and be the talk of the neighborhood by visiting  You will also find amazing recipes, tips and tricks about how to create the perfect barbecue experience and can order a Smoke Pistol, Grill Kicker or if you need a refill pack of cartridges it can all be found online.


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