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The GrillKicker
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                                              GrillKicker to smoke cheese, pork chops ribs or anything on the grill.

The GrillKicker™ is a small smoke generator that sits on any BBQ grill or smoker
and puts out lots of BBQ flavored smoke. The GrillKicker™ comes in 3 colors with
refill cartridges available in 9 real wood flavors.  Just insert the cartridge
into the GrillKicker™, put a match in the window and let it smoke.  
Easy to use, no hassle and NO MESS. 

The GrillKicker comes with 2 hickory cartridges.
Refill cartridges available in 9 flavors - 4 cartridges per pack.

Bbq Smoke Generator

The GrillKicker™ comes in 3 colors.
Cartridges are available in 9 flavors. (4 per pack) 
No electricity needed!

Real BBQ flavor on your charcoal, gas, or electric grill.
Easy light cartridges.
No mess.
Up to 1/2 hour of smoke from a single cartridge.
Use for hot or cold smoking.

BBQ flavor comes from cooking over real wood. Great barbecued ribs, steak, fish and pork come from using real wood smoke for the natural flavor of barbecue.

Bbq Smoke Generator
See the Grill Kicker
in action here!

Bbq Smoke Generator

Bbq Smoke Generator

GrillKicker™includes  2 hickory cartridges 

Refill cartridges
(4 pack) available in 9 flavors

The GrillKicker comes in 3 colors and cartridges are available in 9 flavors.

A single cartridge will fill your bbq grill
with 15 to 30 minutes of 100% natural bbq smoke for burgers,
steaks, fish cutlets, and add real bbq flavor to anything on your gas,
electric, even charcoal bbq grill.


Cartridges make real wood BBQ smoke for your grill in 9 wood flavors.
- No preservatives -
-100% real wood pellets!-

Many 100% natural wood flavors!
Black Walnut


The Smoke Pistol BBQ smoke generator for that long slow cook smoked BBQ.

If you need that deep smoky flavor, take a look at
the Smoke Pistol for up to 4 hours of smoky goodness!


The GrillKicker™ delivers real wood smoke for your smoked cheese. Try this!
Smoked cheese made in a cardboard box.



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