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When you have a barbecue at your home or anywhere you always expect the food to be great.  However, it could be so much better if you were using a traditional wood burning grill instead of the new age electric or gas grill.  The reason why a wood burning fire is so much better is because when you use wood depending on what type it is, it creates great amounts of smoke which contribute to cooking your meat and will give it a great Smokey flavor.  There is however an alternative which is less messy than using firewood and can be used with any modernized grill – the smokers called the SmokePistol and the GrillKicker from SmokePistol.

How to make electric smokers

The GrillKicker is very simple and is not an electric smoker but does have the same effect if not better than most electric smokers do.  It is a small piece of equipment that comes in three different colors and fits on top of any grill.  All you have to do is light the cartridge place it inside the GrillKicker and you will be smoking your meat in no time.

The SmokePistol is the larger of the two and is an electric smoker.  This meat smoker is probably the most effective electric smoker in the country and has a unique design perfect for any barbecue.  The SmokePistol is almost like gun mechanisms where you light the tip of the cartridge insert it into the barrel and smoke is released on the other end.  What makes this electric smoker better than its little brother the GrillKicker and every other smoker out there is that it gives you a consistent amount of smoke for up to four hours!  If that is not good enough for you, you are also able to control the smoke made by this electric smoker thanks to its controller which you can set to more or less and even to smoke BURST!

If you think you are going to get tired of the same old flavor your electric smoker gives your meat then you are wrong because SmokePistol has cartridges for the SmokePistol and GrillKicker available in nine different flavors.  Each one is unique to the kind of meat you are smoking so there are recipes and tips available online on how to smoke your meat and make it taste delicious.  You will find cartridges in popular flavors such as hickory so you will be able to smoke a pork rib just like they do at your favorite restaurant.

All the above cartridges, electric smokers and barbecue tips are authentic and unique.  They will all contribute to a wonderful barbecue and a memorable experience that will have everyone talking.  If you are entering a competition try using the electric smoker and the great recipes provided at SmokePistol because they are guaranteed to be delicious.  Find out more on how to get your electric smoker by visiting

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