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No barbecue is complete without great company of family and friends, good food that is well prepared and satisfying as well as authentic equipment and tools that will add to a good experience.  When you cook your meat on an electric or gas powered grill it basically just burns the meat until it is cooked.  Steaming food used to be something that everyone thought was amazing and a similar way of cooking is by smoking your meat which only used to be possible until Smoke Pistol designed an innovative electric meat smoker that will be able to compete with any real wood burning fire. 

When you cook your meat by using the normal grill as well it allows the meat to cook from the outside in thanks to the grill and also allows it to cook from the inside out thanks to the heat or steam that the smoke creates.  Smoking your meat is almost the same as letting it lie in marinade for hours but is far better and with an electric meat smoker from Smoke Pistol you will be able to cook your meat exactly how they do in certain restaurants.

At Smoke Pistol you will find two meat smokers.  Only one of these is an electric meat smoker although the smaller option is also a great addition to your barbecue tools collection because it does a good job but only for a lesser period of time.  The Grill Kicker is a non electric meat smoker and is perfect to use at the smaller barbecue with less people.  If things like color bother you it is available in three different colors although they do the same job all round.  The Grill Kicker is very easy to use and will save you the worries of cleaning the area where you made that large fire.  It will make smoke for up to half an hour and is great for smoking things such as cheese, ribs, and fish.  It is so easy to use all you have to do is insert a cartridge and light it through the window.

The greatest electric meat smoker out there is the Smoke Pistol.  This invention is one of a kind and is something that should be used at all barbecues.  It can make smoke for up to four hours and will suit you if you have many guests.  The reason why it is an electric meat smoker is due to the fact that it has a small control panel where you are able to set up many different things, such as the speed of the smoke, how much smoke to give out and the smoke BURST function. 

The electric meat smoker the Smoke Pistol and the alternative to smaller barbecue the Grill kicker are a truly useful invention which is perfect for the barbecue.  Cartridges are available in nine different flavors each one unique for cooking different meat.  For more information on the best electric meat smoker out there that will give your barbecue that something extra, visit


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