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Sometimes when you have a barbecue you are able to give the meat the perfect taste.  Other times it is not what you would expect it to be because the modernized grill works on gas or electricity which does not give the food as much flavor as a regular fire used to.  You need the right tools and accessories to turn yourself into the perfect meat smoking chef that will have all the guests asking how you did it.  The key to a great barbecue is having a good time, this is however not possible if the food is bad.  What you need is an electric barbeque smoker that will give the meat a genuine smoke taste like no restaurant can do it.

An electric barbecue smoker is something that you can easily find, but to find the right one is very difficult.  Smoke Pistol has the perfect electric and non electric barbecue smoker equipment which will be one of the best buys you will make. The point is to take one if the cartridges which are available in nine different flavors and smoke your meat until its perfect. 

The reason why there are so many different flavored cartridges for your electric barbeque smoker is because each different flavored cartridge is used to cook something different.  The different woods contained in the different cartridges include things like the popular hickory flavor which is used to cook ribs.  You will also find other flavors for poultry and fish such as apple and cherry.  Some of the other flavors include oak, pecan and maple which will all enhance the flavor no matter what meat you cook with the smoke.

The Grill Kicker is a small unit that comes in three different colors and sits on any grill.  It is a non electric barbecue smoker which makes it very easy to use and convenient for all occasions.  It is basically mess free and will make smoke for half an hour.  The main electric barbecue smoker is the Smoke Pistol.  This one of a kind design has been used in competitions and cook offs, and many times people have given great feedback on the delicious flavors it creates.  The Smoke Pistol electric barbecue smoker creates smoke for many hours of use and can be controlled via its control panel.  With this control panel you are able to let out a certain amount of smoke to your choosing and can set it to do other things to such as its smoke BURST function.

The Smoke Pistol electric barbecue smoker and the Grill Kicker are compatible for any grill. Smoke Pistol does not only offer great products online but you will also find barbecue recipes, tips and even great customer testimonials which are proof of how good these products are becoming.

To get your barbecue off to a good start you need the ideal electric barbecue smoker that won’t be found anywhere else other than from Smoke Pistol. If you need to read more about it, watch demos and order online today then all you have to do is log on to

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