Use the SmokePistol to cold or hot smoke salmon.         

The SmokePistol BBQ smoke generator.
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                Real wood smoke for real BBQ                                                     GrillKicker to smoke cheese, pork chops ribs or anything on the grill.

True Stories from Real People

Harold Timber                    The SmokePistol helped me win $3500 in the Texas BBQ Cook Off

Several months ago my son in San Antonio Tx  goaded me into entering the Texas State BBQ Cook-off in College Station Tx. Oct 12 13 and 14th   I live in Taos New Mexico and even though I had won the World Chili Championship for both red and green chili, at age 80 I wasn’t looking forward to a new challenge.  However after watching the Bobby Flay show on TV, I became excited about the SmokePistol and Caja China type of BBQ.  I ordered the box and had it shipped to San Antonio. 

     I arrived in San Antonio 4 days before the cook-off and inasmuch as I never entered a BBQ cook-off before, planned to do a few experiments with the caja before the contest.  My SmokePistol arrived Thursday and I was leaving for College Station Friday.   No test run was possible.  So when I cooked my pork shoulder entry, it was not only the first time I competed but also the first time I had any idea of how to fire up a SmokePistol.

     The competition was formidable with 45 cooks from all over the U.S. including several past Champions.  I developed my own marinade and meat injection (papaya mango apple juice etc.)  I also put together a great rub.  I used the maple Smoke Bullet and when the meat was done, I sprayed it with maple syrup and apple cider.

     All the competitive professionals brought rigs that cost upwards of $20,000.00 on flat bed trailers   They smoked for 18 hours.  My Caja cost $350.00 including the SmokePistol and it took 3 ½  hours to cook.  I won 2nd place, and besides he “braggin rights” I won $3500. and got to spend over an hour with Bobby Flay who visited my booth.  It was a great and rewarding experience  thanks to the very simple concept of Caja China and the Smoke Pistol.


           The SmokePistol fits on any grill or smoker and works with the CajaChina.

The SmokePistol makes smoking food and barbecue easy.



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