Use the SmokePistol to cold or hot smoke salmon.         

The SmokePistol BBQ smoke generator.
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The SmokePistol

The GrillKicker
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                Real wood smoke for real BBQ                                                     GrillKicker to smoke cheese, pork chops ribs or anything on the grill.

True Stories from Real People

Guy Cesario                    .....Absolutely the best BBQ product I have purchased in the past 18 Years.

After 6 Turkeys, 12 Pork Butts, 3 Hams, 6 Briskets, 12 Pheasants and over 30 racks of ribs.......Absolutely the best BBQ product I have purchased in the past 18 Years.

Guy Cesario
Orland Park, IL


           I can't overstate how easy this product is to use, how much smoke it produces, and I've already recommended it to several friends.

The SmokePistol makes smoking food and barbecue easy.



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