Use the SmokePistol to cold or hot smoke salmon.         

The SmokePistol BBQ smoke generator.
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True Stories from Real People

Bill Boggs                          

I was pretty excited about the prospect of making the bacon from the recipes I had but people were warning me about the safety of smoking the bacon at such low temperatures with no nitrates in the recipes. Knowing there was safety built into the recipes anyway; the obvious being the salt, then the pellicle that forms when drying, smoking itself had a preserving effect then the ultimate frying it will kill anything that could go wrong. But there was another way to keep the fat back out of the danger zone which made it perfectly safe to cold smoke; the Smoke Pistol. Now I happened to smoke this bacon on a cold enough day to keep the meat below 40 degrees but there was no reason why I couldn’t add ice to the bottom of the smoker and effectively smoke it in a refrigerator.

I was amazed, I got the full 3 hours of smoke out of each smoke cartridge (I used 2 for a 6 hour smoke) and as you can see in the picture there was plenty of smoke. It was very reassuring to have the extra margin of safety being able to cold smoke at such low temperatures with the Smoke Pistol.



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