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Barbecue and meat smoking tips to great smoked food.

Cold smoking can be done to flavor food that is not going to be cooked like cheese or salad and can be used to flavor food that will be cooked like burgers or steaks.

BBQ flavor comes from cooking over real wood. Charcoal and gas grills only provide heat NOT flavor. Real wood smoke provides the natural flavor of barbecue.

Slow cook for real BBQ meat and fish. Cooking temperature should be between 175 and 225 and don't exceed 250 degrees. Cook for several hours until meat is done. Use a meat thermometer if you aren't sure.

Baste food often or use a source of moisture in your grill or meat smoker. It keeps your BBQ food moist. A can of water in your BBQ grill or a pot of water in your smoker will keep your meat and fish from drying out.

Use a BBQ rub of spices without too much salt. Salt may dry out your food while cooking. Rub spices on meat with your hands before cooking and let stand for about 1/2 hour.

You can use barbecue sauce while cooking and it will not burn or blacken if your temp. is low. Baste the BBQ sauce on regularly and the real wood smoke will add flavor to the sauce as well as the meat you are smoking.

To properly light a charcoal BBQ grill, stack the charcoal in a very tight, high pile or use a charcoal starter tube. When stacked in a high pile the charcoal retains more heat and that heat is transferred to the other coals making them light much faster. After the coals spread them as desired in the grill.

Don't pay more for charcoal with wood chips inside. By the time the charcoal is completely lit and glowing, the wood chips are long burned away and do not give the flavored smoke necessary to flavor your food on the grill. Use a GrillKicker T , SmokePistol T, or wood chips after the charcoal is glowing.

Real BBQ flavor comes from the smoke produced from using real fruitwoods and hardwoods. Charcoal, gas, or electric BBQ grills provide heat but do not provide the delicious flavor from using natural wood.

When grilling steaks, preheat the grill on high for about 10 min. Place the seasoned steaks on the BBQ grill for about 3 min. and then rotate (not flip) them 90 degrees. Leave for about 2 min. and then flip. Do the same on the second side. This gives the meat a cross hatch pattern and a real barbecued steak look. You can do the same with pork chops and other meat on the grill.

Fruit woods like Apple, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Black Walnut, Pecan, are the traditional smoking woods that give that great BBQ flavor when grilling food! The real flavor comes from the smoke of these woods as it penetrates the food.

Charcoal is made from assorted scrap woods the producers can acquire at the time like pine, myrtle, and others depending on location and season. The wood scraps are ground up, heated, and compressed into briquettes. Briquettes produce the heat and are easy to use, but do not give that BBQ flavor which comes from real wood.

Basting food on the barbecue grill adds flavor as well as moisture. This helps keep the food from drying out while cooking. Use a basting liquid that does not contain too much sugar because sugar may burn or blacken on the grill.

Henry Ford created the charcoal briquette from the wood scraps and sawdust from his car factory. E.G. Kingsford bought the invention and put the charcoal briquette into commercial production.

Peal the membrane off the underside of ribs before seasoning. This membrane gets very tough when cooked so remove it and then BBQ the ribs at a low temperature for about 3-4 hours.

There is a difference between barbecuing and grilling. Grilling is a hot fire fast cook method. Barbecue is a slow cook wood smoke method of cooking.

Use indirect heat while cooking on the grill for barbecued food. Use direct heat while cooking on the grill for grilled steaks and chops.

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