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One of the greatest past times and social events in the United States of America is to phone up all of your friends and family and host a barbecue or BBQ for short.  When you host a BBQ you need to make sure that everything is ready and you have the perfect equipment to get your BBQ going.  For a successful BBQ you need to have the correct equipment and that is why Smoke Pistol is a leading supplier of authentic BBQ tools.

Smoke Pistol provides a unique online site where you will find exactly what you need to have a great BBQ every time.  Modern appliances or grills have taken the entire flavor and quality out of a traditional BBQ and that is why Smoke Pistol has brought back great ideas to maximize the potential of your BBQ.  One of their most innovative products is the Smoke Pistol.  The Smoke Pistol is an invention that is designed to fit onto any grill or food smoker.  It provides smoke to smoke your meat the traditional way for up to four hours.  The Smoke Pistol is a device into which you can insert a smoke cartridge that is available in nine different flavors.  All you have to do is light the tip, insert it into the smoke pistol and you will have smoke that you can control for hours.  Some of the great recipes which are lost at most BBQ’s such as smoked cheese and barbecue smoked ribs can be cooked with the smoke pistol and you will find the flavor to be amazing and your guests will compliment you on how delicious your food is.

Another great invention that will enhance your BBQ experience is the Grill Kicker.  This is a similar invention to the Smoke Pistol and is also ideal for use with any grill or smoker.  All of the smoke created by the Smoke Pistol and the Grill Kicker is flavored and is a no mess solution.  The Grill kicker comes in three different colors but the main idea is to provide great smoke to you modern grill appliances.  You do not need electricity to power wither of the two and have hot or cold smoking capabilities.  Great flavors are available and you will find things like apple flavor, cherry flavor, pecan flavor, oak flavor and many more.

Both these inventions are a simple solution to providing real wood smoke and are very affordable.  If you want to see the Grill Kicker in action visit now.  All the natural wood flavors are completely safe to use and are great for many recipes.

If you need more information on the Smoke Pistol or Grill kicker then visit  There you will be able to order these great smoke makers as well as get great tips to make your BBQ unforgettable with things like BBQ recipes and stories of how to make the perfect BBQ.  Don’t hesitate to turn your BBQ into a smoking good time call Smoke Pistol now on (800) 249-4231.


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