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Creating a good BBQ experience is all about cooking the right food that tastes great and providing comfortable atmosphere where your guests can socialize and enjoy themselves.  The whole idea of a BBQ is to cook your meat traditionally on a wood burning fire whilst sitting around enjoying the company around you.  Modern day technologies has taken the flavor out of the old BBQ by creating modern grills which either run on gas or electricity.  This has a huge impact on the way your meat tastes because these appliances do not create the smoke that they are supposed to.  A solution is readily available for you from Smoke Pistol thanks too their two unique BBQ smokers.

Smoke Pistol is a supplier of authentic BBQ equipment and has the best BBQ smokers on the market.  The designs are so unique and different that they can be used and are compatible with any grill or meat smoker.  At Smoke Pistol they have brought back the traditional way of cooking your meat and that is by smoking it.  Smoking your meat with a BBQ smoker does not sound like it can do much but you will be surprised how much flavor ten minutes of smoke can give to your food.  The two BBQ smokers at Smoke Pistol are very different and have been made affordable so that everyone can increase the potential of their BBQ. 

The Grill Kicker is a BBQ meat smoker that sits perfectly on your grill.  It comes in three different colors and is very easy to use.  All you have to do is insert a flavored cartridge into the Grill Kicker light it through one of the windows and you will have smoke that lasts up to half an hour.  The Grill Kicker does not need electricity to work and is a clean and non-messy solution to a BBQ meat smoker.  It is perfect if you want to smoke cheese or fish and with the flavored cartridges available in nine flavors you will be able to find the one that you love most in no time.

The more advanced BBQ smoker is the Smoke Pistol.  This electricity operated meat smoker is a top quality designed tool that will give you long lasting and controllable smoke for up to four hours!  It uses similar cartridges to the Grill Kicker and has a control panel with which you can increase or decrease the volume of smoke you desire.  To make your life even easier Smoke Pistol has provided amazing tips and recipes that you can cook with one of these two BBQ smokers.  The cartridges are available in flavors such as apple, cherry, hickory, oak and many more.

Turn your barbecue into a taste sensation by getting yourself an authentic BBQ smoker from Smoke Pistol.  These products mentioned above can be purchased online safely and securely.  For more information about Smoke Pistol’s BBQ smokers, and to see them in action by watching the demo movies get online now and visit


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