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One of the best socializing events is the traditional barbecue that is held by many Americans over the weekend.  This allows everyone to gather and enjoy good food and company on a relaxing afternoon at home.  Some people might still cook their meat by using a wood burning fire but recently because of the invention of more modern grills and smokers which use gas or electricity the art of cooking meat with a Smokey flavor has been forgotten.  Smoking your meat gives it a unique taste and to do this you will have to have a bbq smoke generator that is affordable and works excellently.

Smoke Pistol has designed and created two amazing bbq smoke generators that will enhance your barbecue and add to the experience for years to come even though technology is advancing.  These to bbq smoke generators are compatible with any grill or meat smoker and do not have the hassle of annoying wood chips and a mess that has to be cleaned the next day.  They are perfect for cooking not only meat such as steak and spare ribs but are also great to smoke fish, cheese and almost anything that can e smoked.

It is obviously a not such a good idea to give your fish a hickory taste and that is why the cartridges used with the bbq smoke generators come in nine different flavors each one used to smoke different things. Some of the nine different flavors include:
Hickory which is perfect for ribs and other red meat
Oak which can be used for smoking red meat and white meat
Apple for poultry and fish (perfect for turkey)
Cherry for poultry and fish
Pecan for cheese and smoked vegetables

The two bbq smoke generators found at smoke pistol do a similar job.  Both use flavored cartridges and both give you great tasting smoke.  They are also both compatible with all grills.  The differences between the two are that The Grill kicker is a smaller smoke generator and gives you great smoke for up two half an hour.  It comes in three different colors and operates without the use of electricity.  The authentic Smoke Pistol that is the best bbq smoke generator out there is a little more advanced.  It uses electricity to provide you with consistent and controllable smoke for up to four hours.  It has a unique control switch that can be turned to allow more or less smoke to be released.  It even has a smoke BURST function that is used for slower cooking and for a slightly milder taste.

These two great inventions can be used for hot or cold smoking as well as for any size barbecue no job is too big or small for this bbq smoke generator.  They are perfect and have been used in the competition environment and have been proven to give your meat an amazing flavor.  Smoke Pistol also has handy recipes and tricks which can be used to create the perfect barbecue experience so get online now to order your bbq smoke generator, or find out more from

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