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If you are looking for a great way to enhance that boring old barbecue and make it a true and traditional with great tasting food then you need to get yourself a meat smoker.  A modern day grill that runs on gas or electricity is not the same as a wood burning one because it does not have the same Smokey effect which gives your meat that unique taste.  Smoke Pistol has recognized that the smoke has been lost at most barbecues and has created two amazing inventions that will help you turn your grill into a homemade meat smoker.

At Smoke Pistol you will find two authentic inventions that are perfect for any barbecue.  The Grill Kicker is a small candleholder like creation that will fit onto any grill and make flavored smoke for at least half an hour.  It is so easy to use and does not make a mess all over the place.  All you have to do is place it on your grill, light one of the flavored cartridges and place inside the Grill Kicker.  It will then make quality smoke that you can smoke things like barbecue smoked ribs, cheese, fish and so much more.  The great thing about the Grill Kicker is that it can be used no matter where you are having your barbecue because it does not need electricity to function.  It is also available in three different colors and you will be able to use nine different flavors of smoke cartridge each unique to what you are making.

If you are having a large barbecue or just need something that keeps on going for hours then the Smoke Pistol is for you.  It is a special design that is becoming very popular because of the amazing job it does at creating the perfect barbecue flavors.  Unlike the Grill Kicker the Smoke Pistol does need electricity to perform but for a very good reason.  Once you light the tip of the cartridge and insert it into the Smoke Pistol you will have controllable smoke for up to for hours which is perfect when you are having a barbecue party or you want to slow cook something.  The Smoke Pistol has a smoke controller switch that you can turn to adjust the smoke level, it even has a smoke burst function!

Both of these inventions are ideal for any barbecue because of the great flavor they bring.  This would also not be possible if it weren’t for the flavored cartridges.  These cartridges are available in nine great flavors, some of which include apple flavor, cherry flavor, pecan flavor, oak flavor and more.  Each one is unique and carefully designed to smoke different meats.  At Smoke Pistol you will find many great recipes that can be made with the grill kicker or Smoke Pistol and you will even be able to view demos on how they work.

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