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Barbecue Smoker Kit

The answer to delicious meat and a barbecue experience that shall never be forgotten can be found at Smoke Pistol.  They have the perfect barbecue smoker kit for you which can be used with your new and modern grills to give them the smoke which they cannot produce on their own because of the fact that they are gas or electricity powered.  The barbecue smoker kit from Smoke Pistol is simply one of two authentic and one of kind inventions that bring back the tastes if not better of the traditional wood burning fire.

The idea is based on the fact that the smoke created from the wood burning gives your meat that distinct flavor.  You may not have noticed it before but thanks to modern day appliances you will.  Without the smoke that helps cook your meat it will always feel like something is missing.  Thanks to the barbecue smoker kits from Smoke Pistol you will have so much smoke and flavor you will have to make sure that there is enough meat for your guests because it tastes so good!

The first barbecue smoker kit is the Grill Kicker which includes two free flavored cartridges.  It is available in three different colors and is a hundred percent compatible with any meat smoker or grill.  All you have to do is place it on top of your meat smoker or grill insert a cartridge and light it!  It is so simple, and by doing this you will have created smoke that lasts up to thirty minutes.  It is the ideal barbecue smoker kit for the smaller barbecue but can also be used if you are planning in hosting a larger one because you will just need a few more cartridges.  It does not make any mess and will be the last barbecue smoker kit you ever buy.

If you are a barbecue specialist and enjoy hosting them as much as possible then you are going to need a barbecue smoker kit that is a little more advanced and this comes in the form of the Smoke Pistol.  It is an amazing invention and has proved itself numerous times with many customers who have given positive feedback. It has been used in the competition environment and really had everyone talking.  The Smoke Pistol is able to create smoke that is controllable for up to four hours!  This is possible because it works on electricity and you are able to turn the switch to let out as much smoke as you desire and for something a little different set it to smoke BURST mode. 

You will find that these two barbecue smoker kits are perfect for any barbecue and thanks to the cartridges which are available in nine different flavors, you will be able to cook any kind of meat, certain vegetables and even smoke cheese for something stylish.  The Smoke Pistol and Grill Kicker can be purchased online and you can read more about them as well as see them in action by visiting now


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