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Smoking Meat was Never so Convenient

Ever wondered as to how to smoke meat or even better how to make an electric smoker? Traditionally used as a technique to preserve meat, smoking meat is now used more to add flavor rather than as for preservation. 


Barbecue Smoker Kit

The answer to delicious meat and a barbecue experience that shall never be forgotten can be found at Smoke Pistol.  They have the perfect barbecue smoker kit for you which can be used with your new and modern grills to give them the smoke which they cannot produce on their own because of the fact that they are gas or electricity powered. 



If you are looking for a great way to enhance that boring old barbecue and make it a true and traditional with great tasting food then you need to get yourself a meat smoker. 


Barbeque and Smoker Plans

Great flavored meat has to be well prepared for you to enjoy it and this is a combination of good equipment and the right flavoring method. We have the right equipment to help you get the best tasting meat so if you have barbeque and smoker plans for an event or an occasion we will provide you with the perfect and convenient way of preparing great tasting meat.


Barbeque Smoker

For you to reconnect with your friends and family or for you to have a great time with your loved ones, you will agree that food always bring people together. Because of the different types of preferences that people have there is one way of preparing meat that everyone loves.


Barbeque Smokers

Great flavor, great taste, great tasting meat is what you will get when you buy one of our Barbeque Smokers. The way you prepare your meat will change because you will be able to prepare your meat in the comfort of your home with the same flavor that you get if you prepare your meat on real wood.



One of the greatest past times and social events in the United States of America is to phone up all of your friends and family and host a barbecue or BBQ for short.


Best Type of BBQ Smoker

It’s that time of year again and you want to host a barbeque for all your friends. If only you could make your own smoked beef, cheese or salmon but that is not as easy as it looks right? Wrong!


Build Meat Smoker

So you love a good barbeque and having smoky food is a must, right? But the amount of trouble you have to go through to get these wonderful tastes is too much sometimes and just not worth it.


Building a Meat Smoker

Cold smoking, hot smoking and a lot more we have it all and we will give you the best equipment for your needs. Your needs will be very well met with us because we have all the equipment that will give you a better solution to getting the smoked flavor that you always seek from your food.


BBQ Smokers

Creating a good BBQ experience is all about cooking the right food that tastes great and providing comfortable atmosphere where your guests can socialize and enjoy themselves.  The whole idea of a BBQ is to cook your meat traditionally on a wood burning fire whilst sitting around enjoying the company around you.


Electric barbecue Smoker

Sometimes when you have a barbecue you are able to give the meat the perfect taste.  Other times it is not what you would expect it to be because the modernized grill works on gas or electricity which does not give the food as much flavor as a regular fire used to.


Electric Meat Smoker

No barbecue is complete without great company of family and friends, good food that is well prepared and satisfying as well as authentic equipment and tools that will add to a good experience.  When you cook your meat on an electric or gas powered grill it basically just burns the meat until it is cooked. 


Electric Meat Smokers

Long before the advent of electric meat smokers the word barbeque that means so much to modern Americans was already in use.  This word that has become so popular to Americans came from the language of the native inhabitants of the Caribbean.  They cleverly used a rack erected over a smoking fire and this method of preparing and preserving fish they called ‘barbacoa’.


Electric Smoker

When you have a barbecue at your home or anywhere you always expect the food to be great.  However, it could be so much better if you were using a traditional wood burning grill instead of the new age electric or gas grill. 


Homemade Meat Smokers

A barbecue can bring so many friends together and can either be a success or a little bit of a disaster.  Many people have forgotten how to make their barbecue’s taste great because most of them have decided to go all modern with gas and electric grills which is the easy way out to making a great big fire!


How to Smoke Food

There is something spectacular about sitting around a campfire in the evening with you food slowly cooking to a delicious readiness under the starry night sky. Unfortunately, in the rush and bustle of modern life it is not always possible to slip out to a secluded camping site in order to experience the campfire experience and even if you can, camping can be quite a lot of work instead of the relaxation you always hope it will be.


How to Smoke Meat

Flavors are the thing that makes foods very likable regardless of how is cooked and what sort of food it is. If you have a liking for any thing that is smoked and you need to know How to Smoke Meat then, you should definitely ensure that you get the proper tools to use for your requirements.


Make Your Own Meat Smoker

If you are looking for the perfect solution to creating delicious meat and a traditional barbecue experience of a lifetime look no further because Smoke Pistol has a couple of inventions that will let you use your own grill or smoker no matter what kind it is to make your own meat smoker.


Meat Smoker

Smoked food has a distinct taste that will linger in your mouth long after you have eaten it. With the world changing and way of preparing foods is sifting from conventional methods to methods that require appliances we are also offering products that are moving with the times.


Meat Smokers Plan

Nearly all people who enjoy eating meat almost always enjoy the flavor of smoked meat.  This is a method of food preparation that could be as old as the discovery of how to make fire.  Perhaps this discovery could be regarded as the very first step in the meat smokers plan. 


BBQ Smoker Generator

One of the best socializing events is the traditional barbecue that is held by many Americans over the weekend.  This allows everyone to gather and enjoy good food and company on a relaxing afternoon at home.


BBQ Smoker

Barbequing is a very easy way of preparing your meat and you need to have the right equipment and the right knowledge of flavors. For you to get the ideal flavor you have to ensure that you have the combination of all the things that will make your meat great.


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